Welcome to Miami + South Beach!

Creative Loft Space

Middle of South Beach

Scroll Down for the Visual Story…

Longer term only — 6 months +

Queen bed in den.
High ceilings with tropical x art vibe
Entry with bicycle rack and storage loft
Projector with adjustable standing desk and loads of jungle…
My favorite…nighttime lights, soft Spotify and relaxation

 Creative people only, sorry… orozco3@gmail.com

 Hotels can be pricey especially with dining out every meal…Save some money, spend some time together at home…

10 Minute Walk to the Beach/Plage/Strand/Playa/Spiaggia


 10 minute walk to Whole Foods Market/Mercato/Marche

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Miami’s Sultriest Outdoor Playground- South Beach


When visitors venture to Miami, their first destination is usually South Beach.

Across Biscayne Bay from mainland Miami,

Miami Beach’s southern-most neighborhood is also its sexiest.


Drive east along the MacArthur Causeway and find yourself in South Beach,

an outdoor paradise filled with white sand, tan skin, candy-colored bags,

and miles of shops, clubs, and shoreline.

untitled untitled2

Colloquially called SoBe, South Beach spins with energy.

sleek style

In South Beach, sleek style and sophisticated sunglasses aren’t an option.


In South Beach, the outdoors is embraced like it’s the indoors.

peds peds2

Pedestrians are pervasive in this glamorous beachfront locale.


South Beach’s sidewalks are streaming fashion shows.

patio tables

They offer endless hours of stylish observation from patio tables and park spaces.

all ages all ages2 all ages3

Here, the art of looking good is practiced by all ages.

ocean drive

While Ocean Drive and Collins and Washington Avenue comprise the South Beach many outsiders envision,

the neighborhood hides special gems along local hotspots like Alton Road and Española Way.

Viva Miami viva

Viva Miami.


Bienvenidos a South Beach.

Blue Sea, Blue Sky: South Beach’s Waterfront Paradise


natural beauty

South Beach is world renowned for its natural beauty.

high high2

It effortlessly blends high-energy evenings with ultra-relaxing afternoons.


Beautiful people sprawl in the sand along its seemingly endless stretches of beach.


Lounging comes easy.

active active2

Staying active is simple.


Pick a kite, a beach, a board, or a park.

green spaces green spaces2 green spaces3

Several green spaces line South Beach’s miles of coast.

Stay in our rental and we will be glad to show you how the locals do it!


Everything is walking distance from the house.

You do not need a car to get around South Beach.

You can walk, take an UBER or LYFT anywhere for $5-10

Also, you can Deco Bike or just take the free trolley.

South Beach is the southernmost area of the city of  Miami Beach.

The house is located in the middle of South Beach on 15th street. 

Below is a map of SOUTH BEACH. (1st-23rd Street)


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